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Brennan Arcement

Brennan Arcement, Editor-in-Chief

Dear students,

What a whirlwind of a time we have had these past few months! Just as it seemed that the COVID reign of terror was drawing to a close, the numbers skyrocket and whispers of “phase one” are traveling through the air.

Whether you are coming to campus as a first-time student or a faculty member of 50+ years, I am sure COVID-19 has impeded your plans in some way. I never would have guessed that we would still be in the same situation today that we were in over a year ago, but here we are!

Though uncertainty is haunting the hallways of campus, we must keep our heads held high and take advantage of every opportunity at hand. If I learned anything at all during quarantine, it’s that you shouldn’t even pass a field of lavender without taking time to appreciate it.

Our job here at The Nicholls Worth is to serve the students and faculty of the school, along with the community of Thibodaux, by keeping people updated with the latest breaking news of the university.

In addition to breaking news, we also aim to provide readers with easy-reads and entertainment pieces to reengage the exhausted mind. Look for comic pieces and word puzzles in future issues of the magazine and be certain to look for yourself in the campus voices section that will begin in September’s issue.

As the new Editor-in-Chief, my goal for the semester is to reach the student body on a personal level by making the Nicholls Worth a platform for students to get their voices heard. Be sure to lookout for our team members in the quad as they conduct short interviews with passing students throughout the week. If you get interviewed, you will end up in the next magazine!

We will also be implementing an on-call system this semester, a plan by which one of our journalists will maintain an up-to-date news flow of university communication through our online platform, This way, all pertinent information leaving the communications offices will be in one area for your convenience.

The website streamlines stories in the areas of news, entertainment and sports. The user-friendly platform allows for easy access to story content that suits your reading wants. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them; they can be submitted to our email: [email protected].

We have many big plans coming this fall, and I cannot wait to see them all come to fruition.

I wish you all the best of luck in your academic and social endeavors this semester. Remember to stay positive, stick together, and get involved. Do not to let COVID cramp your style; strut your stuff!

All content by Brennan Arcement
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Brennan Arcement