SGA passes tabled motions at the last meeting of this semester


Photo by: Jessica Mouton

The last weekly Student Government Association (SGA) meeting of the semester consisted of several officer reports and the passing of multiple tabled motions from the previous meeting. 

The meeting opened up with SGA President Emma Bourgeois’ address to the senate. She reminded the senate that with the new corollary in place, some changes have been made to the acceptable technology usage policies. One of these policies permits the usage of phones and laptops in order to take notes or get information for the meeting. 

“Texting your friends is not benefitting the meeting in any way,” Bourgeois said. 

She also reminded the senate that it is important for everyone to participate when emails are sent out. 

The meeting then moved into Director of Student Grievances Ethan Adam’s report. 

Adams explained that the SGA is in a unique budget circumstance where there is an excess of money that can be used to better the technology on campus. 

“We are going to be able to fix the speed-related internet problems in both Millet and Zeringue Halls,” Adams said.

He also explained that the main reason for the internet’s lack of speed is that the firewall of the university is constantly under attack. 

“The firewall has to work so diligently in order to keep all of Nicholls’ information secure, that by the time students try to access it, it is slowed down tremendously,” Adams said. 

An updated firewall would cost the university approximately $90,000. 

Several motions were also passed at the meeting. 

One bill passed was Freshman Senator Zackary Pitre’s motion to fund student travel to this Thursday’s away football game at Southeastern. $2,300 would be put toward funding a charter bus for 54 student fans to have transportation to and from the game.

Another bill passed was Liberal Arts Senator Crissie Bellanger’s motion to fund student admission to the playoff football game. This will grant 250 students access to the game. Though the bill passed at the meeting, it is subject to change depending on the football team’s win on Nov. 21. 

Finally, a bill was passed that will allow for students to travel to Washington D.C. with the Nicholls for Life organization to attend the March for Life. The bill passed with minimal opposition. 

Senator at Large Heather LeBouef made a compelling argument as to why the funding of this trip should not be the responsibility of SGA. 

“I have no problem funding a trip that will expand knowledge and help students make a decision as to where they stand on a particular issue, but if students are going on a ‘march for life,’ they know where they stand,” LeBoeuf said. “They know where they stand; therefore, this trip is really not for the purpose of educating students.” 

LeBoeuf also said that if the tables were turned and a pro-choice activist approached the senate to fund travel for a pro-choice rally, the senate would have had a much harder time funding it. 

“I know I am the minority opinion in this case, but is it really fair?” LeBoeuf asked. “The senate quickly moved to fund this trip, but if it was a pro-choice movement, I don’t think it would stand a chance.”