SGA discuss future plans and campus renovations for the semester


Photo by: Jessica Mouton

The Student Government Association’s (SGA) weekly meeting consisted of new motions to amend codes, the swear-in ceremony for newly elected officials and two update-style presentations on campus construction and the flood prevention project.

Mark Wiltz, SGA Vice President, received a motion to amend the election code.

“The amendments are designed to lessen the controversy in campaigning,” Wiltz said.

The amendment would prohibit the use of the Nicholls logo on all campaign posters and flyers. Additionally, it would require all those campaigning to supply the SGA board with all social media platform usernames. This way, the board can watch content posted by the candidates.

The bill has not formally been passed. The bill has been tabled as a point of discussion for next week’s meeting.

The officials who were sworn in consisted of Director of Public Relations Emily Ledet, Director of Student Rights Ethan Adams and Treasurer Carley Morvant.

Terry Braud, vice president for finance and administration of Nicholls, also participated in this week’s meeting by sharing updates on campus projects.

The Donald G. Bollinger Memorial Student Union is set to be finished on Oct. 11, 2019. The Colonel Media Group Center, located in Talbot Hall, is set to be finished in early spring 2020. Talbot Hall Art Gallery is set to be finished in early Oct. 2019.

Peltier Hall just finished phase one of its renovations. Phase one consisted of interior painting and floor waxing. Phase two will consist of changing the roof, which will take place in the spring of 2020.

Another campus project is the extension of a sidewalk, which runs from St. Thomas Aquinas Center to Scholar’s Hall. This completed sidewalk will allow students to move through campus without having to walk in the grass.

A report on the road construction and roundabout was given at the meeting. Bad weather has caused road work to be put on hold. There was a discussion about what design will be in the center of the roundabout. Some ideas include a plastered “N” in the center.

There were also talks of including a monument relating to Thibodaux or Nicholls State University.

SGA member Carley Morvant worked with Troy Babin, head of grounds at Nicholls, in hopes of updating the library green space. The hope is that the updates will help with flooding on campus. The project will be completed in two phases. Phase one has been completed.

Phase one was the removal of some trees that had blocked drains. The removal of the trees will now allow for less drain clogging due to leaves, branches, etc. Phase two will consist of power raking the area, which will flatten the plateau-like land, allowing for a slowed-down rush of water to the catch basins.