SGA discusses campus transportation and new motions


Photo by: Jessica Mouton

Nicholls State University Student Government Association’s (SGA) weekly meeting was centered around campus updates and the passing of motions.

Dr. Jay Clune, president of the university, provided information regarding several construction zones on campus. Specifically, he addressed parking, the student union, a new bookstore, Barker Hall expansion and the addition of new sorority facilities. 

“It is not that there aren’t enough spaces to park; students just have to take advantage of all of the parking spaces— even those in the Guidry Stadium parking lot,” Clune said.

Director of Student Grievances, Ethan Adams said that the new campus transportation system is now in use, and it can take students to and from the stadium. He also said that the location and time of the bus stops are not set in stone and they are subject to change based on student request. 

Along with parking, Clune also specified that the Student Union will be completed on October 11, and that no student funds went to its completion. 

Clune said that the school was granted $150,000 in order to revamp the current bookstore. Instead of renovating the current space, Clune said that he would rather see a new boutique-style facility be built on Ordoyne Drive. 

Clune also said that the new facility on the south end zone of Guidry Stadium is also under planning phases. He said that the new facility will have an indoor practice space for all teams, meeting rooms, weight rooms and more. 

Clune  also mentioned that the old greenhouse is scheduled to be demolished this week, and construction on the new facility will begin soon. 

In his final remarks, Clune briefed the senate on ideas of a new sorority facility, equipped with a kitchen, dining room, large living space and meeting spaces. He said there are no intentions to have any form of beds in the new facility. 

“Thank you so much for being such an awesome and patient student body,” Clune said.

In addition to Dr. Clune’s campus updates, several of last week’s tabled motions passed by the senate. 

One motion passed was funding of up to $2,000 for the e-textbook proposal for the Ellender Memorial Library. Symphony Brown, the senator of nursing said that this would allow students to have almost unlimited access to some textbooks.

Another motion passed was the allocation of $800 to assist students that will be attending the Chemical Society Conference. 

The conference will be held Oct. 16-19, 2019, in Wichita, Kansas. 

Senator-at-Large, Heather LeBouef said that the event would allow Nicholls chemistry majors to experience professional presentations on a multitude of topics regarding chemical science. She said it would also give students a chance to present their own research.

One motion tabled for discussion at next week’s meeting is the funding of travel for the National Honors Council Convention. 

The Science and Technology Senator, Sydney Matherne motioned for the senate to allocate $800.00 to assist students in the cost of travel. She said that attending this convention will enhance the learning experience of students on a national level.