Seven activities to check off your summer bucket list


Photo by: Shutterstock

Why not take summer vacation to the next level and create a summer bucket list?
This bucket list is a brief collection of basic items that can be accomplished anywhere during the summer. This list has become my own personal bucket list and I will attempt to accomplish as many tasks as possible.

1. Start a blog
Starting a blog is awesome for a bucket list. The blog will allow one to share fun experiences from each task with our friends and family. It will also help keep all the items on your bucket list in order and make it easier to share on social networks.
You can create one by visiting This free blog site allows you to customize your blog and gives you a personal domain that makes it easier for others to access. As I complete each task I will post to my blog,, many pictures and descriptions explaining where I completed the task, with whom I completed them, and what I got out of the task.

2. Start a wish tree
This is a really fun activity to do in an office, home, or just for decoration in a bedroom.
Have each person participating fill out a square piece of computer paper with his or her wish. Take a piece of tape and close the paper so it does not open when it is on the tree. Then tie the wishes on the tree and after the wish comes true take the paper off. When all the wishes are off the tree, start over with a new wish.
To learn how to make the tree, visit

3. Run a 5k for a good cause
Here is a list of upcoming races to register for in the surrounding areas:

Big Easy Spirit Triathlon on June 24, 2012
5150 New Orleans on June 24, 2012
FireCracker Fun Run on July 7, 2012
25th Annual Spillway Classic Trail Run on July 15, 2012
Spartyka Wounded Warrior Race on July 22, 2012
The Color Run New Orleans on November 17, 2012

There are more races available on or

4. “Adopt-A-Bat”
The “Adopt-A-Bat” program helps support bat conservation and research of the lava beds in California. states that the funds raised will help study bat behavior, protect habitats, and educate the public about the creatures. If you decide to adopt a bat you get to choose from four different species and you get a personalized adoption certificate, a photo of the bat, and other information for only $10.00.

5. Outdoor movie night
This is a fun activity to involve friends, family and neighbors. All you need is a projector, a white backdrop, some treats, a laptop and a good movie and you are set. You can use a white garage door or a big sheet and project the movie on it and you have a classic sit in movie. Pop some popcorn, purchase some candy and drinks, and enjoy the cash you will be saving by having your own movie theater.

6. Accomplish an activity found on Pinterest
Find something on that you would have never thought to create before. It can range from a simple painting activity or an elaborate creation. Just click and create!

7. Create a rock jar of memories
This is a fun way to wrap up the summer. Buy a glass jar and some light colored pebbles, take a sharpie and write each summer memory on a rock and place it in the jar. This is a great way to remember your summer.