Thibodaux offers many options for snowball lovers


Customers wait in line at Curtis’s Snowball Stand to quench their thirst.

Last week I visited four snowball stands in search of the craziest snowball flavors I could find in Thibodaux.

According to, the snowball was invented on a hot summer day during the Great Depression right here in the state of Louisiana.  In the 1930s, Ernest Hansen invented the world’s first block ice shaver machine.  In 1939, Hansen and his wife Mary opened the country’s first snowball stand, Sno-Bliz.  The stand was located in New Orleans.  Hansen is responsible for creating some of the snowball flavors we still enjoy today.

At each snowball stand I visited, I tried what I thought, or what they thought, was that stand’s craziest flavor snowball on their menu.

Sno-Shack Snowballs

225 Darolina St. (located in the parking lot across the street from W.S. Lafarge Elementary School)

Pricing:  $1.00 – $4.00

Sno-Shack Snowballs offered a flavor called “Frog in a Blender”.  This was so crazy I barely even looked at the rest of the flavors because I knew I wanted to try this flavor.  The flavor tasted like it may have had lemonade in it, and was very odd.  It was tangy but sweet at the same time.  The snowball had very smooth ice and a lot of juice, but I found that it melted very quickly.

Other interesting flavors at Sno-Shack Snowballs were “Garfield”, “Transformers”, and “Dragon’s Blood”.

Curtis’s Snowballs

107 Olive St.

Pricing:  $1.00 – $3.50

Curtis’s Snowballs had a large selection of flavors, but the one I chose to try was the dill pickle flavor snowball.  I had the choice between a sweet pickle flavoring juice, or actual dill pickle juice.  I chose the actual pickle juice.  The ice was very smooth, and although I sat outside, I found that the ice did not melt very quickly while I was enjoying it.  I liked it so much I went back for a second one.

Curtis’s Snowballs is equipped with a covered seating area and also offers other food items like nachos and an assortment of candy.

Maggie D’s Snowballs

On St. Mary St.

Pricing:  $1.25 – $4.50

Maggie D’s Snowballs is a newer snowball stand that offers a lot of different options in snowball flavors and food.  I ordered a King Cake snowball, which was delicious.  It was purple and it was sweet, but not too sweet.  It had smooth ice and what I believed was the perfect amount of juice.  

Ne’s Snowballs

21 Rienzi Dr.

Pricing:  $1.00 – $3.50

At Ne’s Snowballs I had a snowball named “Popeye”.  This cold green treat was similar to a bubblegum flavored snowball.  It had a lot of juice, but the ice was pretty chunky.  Also, the ice had an odd after taste.  The snowball was pretty good, but not my favorite.

Other odd flavors offered at Ne’s Snowballs were “Barbie” and “Victoria’s Secret”

Sweet Tooth

905 Canal Blvd.

Pricing:  $1.00 – $2.50

15% discount for Nicholls students

I stopped at Sweet Tooth to try a snowball, but the machine was not working.  The atmosphere was nice, and there are tables to sit at inside, as well as outside.  

Sweet Tooth also offers ice cream.