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Colonel pride needs to be shown every Saturday

September 15

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We’ve all heard this headline, “Nicholls State almost upsets No. 9 Georgia,” but almost is not the point. The point is that Nicholls State University competed with a nationally ranked Southeastern Conference team, and did...

Sympathy for Turner shows lack of empathy for victim

September 8

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Rapist and registered sex offender Brock Turner’s lenient sentence is a mockery for sexual assault victims everywhere. Turner was convicted of assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated/unconscious person, penetration...

Louisiana comes together to heal a heartache

September 1

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Togetherness and the will to work together through tough times is what Louisianans have always been able to do, and going forward, that same effort will be needed now more than ever. Looking back over the course of the year,...

Overcoming the fear of freshman year

August 25

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The first day of college can be infinitely times more terrifying than the first day of school. We, my dear freshmen, know exactly how you felt Monday. Most of us, too, have spent a sleepless night planning our every move,...

Black Lives Matter is not a scream of hate

July 14

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Over the last several years, protests and dissimilarities over the issue of police brutality have sparked the attention of the American public. Now, the ongoing issue has gained both nation and worldwide attention that has now...

Students should consider professional aspects of social media

June 24

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It is the time of year when college students are either enrolled in summer courses, working, partying or bored at home trying to figure out what shenanigans to get into. During the summer, students have more time to get on...

A live tiger should be a continued tradition at LSU

Personal Opinion by: Rachel Klaus, Managing Editor

June 10

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When Louisiana State University’s beloved live mascot, Mike The Tiger was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, PeTA demanded for the University not to have any more live tigers after Mike VI. In a letter received by LSU,...

Letter from the editor: Feeling different for farewell

Caroline Callais, Editor

April 28

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Call it cliché, but I’ll always remember April 30, 2015 like it was yesterday. I remember seeing everything differently as I walked back to the Student Publications building post-interview as the new editor in chief of...

Semester’s end mindset a major key for students

April 7

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We are at the point of no return, my fellow students. The date to drop a class and still receive a “w” on your transcript passed already this academic calendar. That means whatever classes you may begrudgingly drag yourself...

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