A letter from the NAACP president on changing street names


Nicholls State University is a place that many of us have grown to know and love. As students furthering our education, we are just as passionate about this University and its community as anyone else.

An article was released yesterday by HoumaToday.com about Nicholls State’s Black Student Union and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force recommending that conversation begin about renaming campus streets and buildings. Many comments of concern from others have been disheartening, provoking and disappointing. However, I have been encouraged by a great deal of positive remarks and reception from my peers, alumni and even community members in regards to this article.

Right now, in this moment, it is up to us to create a safe place where we and prospective Colonels can truly call this school and community a home. We cannot remain stagnant or move backward. We are knowledgeable about the past, but what’s important is recognizing the present, being present and fully embracing future. Nicholls has been making strides to accept and embrace every creed and color of its students.

In a short amount of time,I’ve watched this school evolve, improve and become more comfortable. With steps and plans in place to enhance the experience of ALL students, the rise of the university is inevitable. I am proud to be a part of the progression of this institution as well several organizations that help promote diversity, leadership, student empowerment and more. From here on out, I hope we can take advantage of this opportunity to start the right conversations and respect one another in the process.