TV-Shows Leaving and Coming to Netflix In May 2021


Image ©️ Netflix

Every month Netflix loses shows, but they gain a handful of new ones. Down below are all of the shows leaving Netflix and the shows that are arriving in May. 

Leaving Netflix shows: 

  • “Atomic Puppet” (Season 1) – May 1

An animated superhero show that follows Captain Atomic as he transforms into a puppet after shaking hands with a fan. The show follows his journey as he tries to find a way back into his original body. 

  • “Kingdom” ( Seasons 1-3) – May 1 

A show that follows a material arts gym as they train a new generation of fighters. 

  • “P.King Ducking” (Season 1) May  6

An animated series about a young duck that goes around the world with his best friend, a chipmunk and a wombat. 

  • “Ha Unlimited” (Seasons 1-2) May 11 

A show that follows three comedians as they set up a company to create happiness. 

  • “The Beginning of Life: The Series” – May 11 

The show follows how a kid’s early needs can later affect who they become in life. 

  • “BBC’s Sherlock” (Seasons 1-4) May 15 

This British TV show has been a hit. It follows Sherlock Holmes as he solves crimes with John H. Watson. 

Showing Coming to Netflix: 

  • “Hanger 1: The UFO Files” (Season 2) – May 2

A Netflix documentary show looking into UFO sightings over the years. 

  • “Hoarders” (Season 11) – May 2 

The classic reality TV show shows different types of people and the many weird things they hoard. 

  • “Selena: The Series” (Season 2) – May 4 

The second season of the hit show “Selena: The Series” is coming to Netflix on May 4. It’s technically the second half of the first season that follows the life of the late Selena Quintanilla. 

  • “The Sons of Sam: A descent into Darkness” (Limited Series)- May 5 

A crime documentary series coming to Netflix that follows Maury Terry’s efforts into finding a killer. 

  • “Haunted” (Season 3) – May 14  

A creepy horror show that takes place in the real world and looks at supernatural hauntings. 

  • “Who Killed Sara” (Season 2) – May 19 

A Spanish crime drama that follows the events of a brother who was framed for his sister’s death. 

  • “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous” (Season 3) – May 21 

An animated series in the world of Jurassic Park. 

  • “Lucifer” (Season 5B) – May 28 

The second half of season five will finally be released as it follows the devil detective Lucifer.