Second presidential debate officially cancelled


In a statement released on Friday by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, it was confirmed that the second presidential debate scheduled for Oct. 15 in Miami, Florida, has been cancelled.

The New York Times reported that this week’s debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden was to be transitioned to a virtual format, following Trump’s recent coronavirus diagnosis. 

According to the Time’s post, Biden proceeded with committing his presence to an ABC News forum in Philadelphia for that same evening. 

Additionally, Fox 8 News said that Trump’s team later attempted to negotiate with the Commission to resume the regularly-scheduled debate once his doctor gave the approval to once again attend public events, beginning on Saturday. 

USA Today reported that this means there will only be one more debate in which the candidates will face off before Election Day on Nov. 3. 

This final debate is scheduled for Oct. 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.