Meet your editor in chief


I am now stepping into my fourth year of college at Nicholls State University. This summer I accepted the position as the new Editor-in-Chief of The Nicholls Worth and ever since, I have refused to accept the fact that I am now a senior. 

Nicholls has provided me with so many amazing opportunities. Some within my major, like student media, and some within extracurriculars and organizations like Greek Life. It is sad to think that I only have one year left. I am probably the only student you’ll hear say they don’t want to graduate. 

I love my campus, and with this new position, I have been looking forward to this fall semester. Things will be different, that is for sure. COVID-19 has ruined several plans and has set many new guidelines as to what the “new normal” would look like. 

As of now, that “new normal” is wearing face masks, staying six feet apart and attending classes through the HyFlex program (half face-to-face and half virtual). 

It’ll be different for us all, and I am sure it will be overwhelming at first. No matter the HyFlex situation, the bright side is that we are on campus getting professional experience one way or another. 

Yet with this being said, things are always changing. We don’t know what the whole semester will look like or if the state will go back into phase one. It is scary to think of and if you’re anything like me, we don’t handle the unknown very well. 

That is why it is crucial for you students to make sure you are following The Nicholls Worth and KNSU on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To see videos and read articles about the changes happening on our campus. 

Following student media accounts is the easiest way to receive your campus news. It is our job as student journalists to deliver hard-hitting yet investigative stories to you in the easiest way possible for you to enjoy and stay informed. 

With the Colonel Media Group this semester, you can expect more news stories that will be out quicker and faster than previous semesters and you can expect new entertainment content like podcasts and videos. Lastly, you can expect new social media platforms for you to follow. 

We are also working on sending students email updates and ways for faculty, students and staff to submit story ideas you may want to be covered. 

Students, faculty and staff, if you have ideas for stories, please feel free to reach out to me. If you see me, stop and ask (I am usually the only one wearing a sweater and more than likely carrying a blanket). 

As I said, this semester will be different, but it will be exciting at the same time. This first week, be on the lookout for yearbooks put out by La Pirogue and the first magazine of the semester from The Nicholls Worth. 

The magazine is filled with information about returning to campus and entertainment content like the newest TikTok songs and so much more. 

I am beyond proud of the work that I and the Colonel Media Group have done over the summer. I have no doubts that we will continue to do an amazing job as a team and bring you the content you need to stay informed with our campus. 

Lastly, good luck Colonels on a first week back!!!