Sociology students write reflective poetry

By Channing Parfait


Students of sociology instructor Deborah Moorhead’s cultural diversity class wrote “Who am I?” poems as part of an exercise to reflect upon themselves.

Moorhead said reflection is a link that ties an individual’s status in the community to academic learning. She said it is important for students to appreciate themselves before they can appreciate other aspects of society. Her class also took place in a community service project to experience a culturally stimulating experience.

“This exercise begins with students at the beginning of the semester reflecting on themselves, and it ends with them looking at the complexity of the community,” Moorhead said.

Students were given two minutes to complete the exercise and had complete freedom about what they wanted to write about themselves.

“It was interesting to see who they see themselves as,” Moorhead said.

Blake Poincoin

I am a relaxed down to earth person.

I am someone who is dependable.

I am a person with a goal I want to achieve.

I am a family oriented person.

Chyna Frazier

I am fear raised behind the wildness of the streets.

I am weak from fighting a handed down war.

I am a hunter searching to find hope and meaning in life.

I am a woman.

Ariel Martin

I am a thriving artist grasping inspiration in every second of life.

I am a musician and listening to every melody played around me.

I am a traveler seeking new adventures that life throws at me.

I am passionate about my goals, my loving God, my family and everything exciting in my life.