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Colorism in the black community and how it affects black women

Personal Opinion by: Alexis Cannon, Design and Layout Editor

February 4, 2016

Colorism is a topic that is not typically brought up in conversation, but many of us are well aware that it is an issue in the black community. Colorism is a term for discrimination based on skin color among people of the...

New Barbie image can have impact on young girls

February 4, 2016

After 57 years of designing dolls that portray unrealistic beauty ideals, Mattel finally announced the addition of three new Barbie body shapes: “tall,” “petite” and “curvy.” According to the company, the idea behind...

Students must take responsibility for their success

January 29, 2016

This spring semester, many students set goals to succeed at their highest potential; however, students can keep themselves from reaching that goal, even when they think professors or college itself is to blame. Students are...

Future public leaders should share and continue King’s dream

January 23, 2016

In light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past Monday, we should not only take into consideration how far our nation has come in terms of equal human rights, but we should also come to the realization that today’s public leaders...

Fear is relevant, but we are over reacting too early

November 19, 2015

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the ISIS attacks that occurred in Paris and other parts of the world, and speculation about 14 Syrian refugees entering Louisiana has everyone on their heels. Many citizens in our state fear...

Red cup becomes irrelevant holiday trending topic

November 12, 2015

Thanks to the approaching holiday season and the power of social media, the meaning behind a simple red cup has developed a deeper significance than what it appears to be. Since Starbucks recently introduced their annual holiday-themed...

College mindset should focus on education, not degree alone

November 5, 2015

As registration for the upcoming semester begins, many college students are reminded that they are one step closer to graduation; however, students should realize that the mindset they have about their time in college could be...

Planned Parenthood defunding offers closer look at issues

October 23, 2015

Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s recent elimination of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s recent attempt at the same action expresses one side of the argument on Planned Parenthood while...

Test scores don’t necessarily determine knowledge gained

October 15, 2015

As the middle of the semester is rapidly approaching, students are preparing for mid term exams and hoping for the A that will keep them from dropping the class, but exams and test results do not always determine the amount of...

School Spirit Shouldn’t Rely on Game Records

Caroline Callais, Editor

October 8, 2015

Although Nicholls' school spirit was in full swing this past homecoming week, students need to keep in mind that school spirit and support should not be conditional. What's the point of only supporting your university's team...

I was not attacking the mentally ill: a response to the letter to the editor

Personal Opinion by: Rachel Klaus, Managing Editor

October 1, 2015

In order to resolve any misunderstandings concerning my editorial about mental illnesses in our last issue of The Nicholls Worth, I believe I should shed some light on the situation. Editorials are based on the majority opinion...

Mental illness should cause great concern

September 17, 2015

Americans stand for their right to bare arms, however some believe taking guns away will stop gun violence from occurring when it is not always the gun’s fault, it is sometimes mental illness. Recent shootings such as the...

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