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Super Bowl 51 sends a message of unity

February 9, 2017

Whether you watched for the love of the game, your favorite team, Lady Gaga or just the commercials, anyone who tuned it noticed a message shared by the 2017 Super Bowl.

We think this year’s game and its events shared a noticeable political stance and a message of unity. This year, instead of their normally humorous nature, the commercials subtly tackled political matters. For example, the featured Budweiser commercial was directly aimed at President Trump’s temporary immigration travel ban, along with the dispute that it has caused as it rocks media outlets across the country. The Budweiser advertisement featured an immigrant who made his way to the United States, and upon his arrival, he is immediately told that he is unwelcome here.

Budweiser was not the only company that targeted Trump’s immigration stance. The 84 Lumber Company produced an ad about a Mexican woman and her young daughter trying to make their way to the U.S. in an attempt to better their lives. However, after the 30 second ad was aired, the company teased the conclusion of the ad that could be viewed on their website. What viewers of the Super Bowl did not see was that when the young girl and her mother got to the U. S. border, there was a large concrete wall blocking their way into America. Just when the woman began to lose hope, they glance up to find a door made out of wood that opened an entry to the border.

Since the election, it seems that America has become a divided country. The political beliefs have split our country and have made us forget that we are all from the same place. The National Football League released their commercial during the third quarter and it had a theme of being a united nation. The narration said, “We may have differences, but recognize that there’s more that unites us. We live united inside these lines.” The closing scene had a picture of a football field with America outlined in white paint. Their message was simple: unity.

Lady Gaga’s performance also had a message. She opened her halftime show with a rendition of “God Bless America” and “This Land is your Land.” Before she rapelled from the roof of the stadium, she had drones in the background flashing colors of red, white and blue as she quoted the Pledge of Allegiance.

As for the game itself, it was one of the most exciting games in Super Bowl history. Just when you thought the Atlanta Falcons had the game under wraps, the New England Patriots unleashed their offense in the second half to score 25 points and forced the game into overtime. This also served as the first Super Bowl to go into overtime in history. No matter how you feel about Tom Brady, or how he achieves wins, you have to admire that he brought his team back from an 18-point deficit to win the game. This is his fifth Super Bowl win, which makes him the first quarterback in the NFL to accomplish such an achievement. While many feel that he is not deserving of the title, his leadership and composure should be admired. Messages sent during his acceptance speech for the Most Valuable Player award were humble, as he credited this win to the Patriots as they came together and won for their city.

We should take the messages from this game and put it in perspective. As a whole, the Super Bowl displayed messages that can help us remember the country that our ancestors fought for. Politics aside, we are all one nation, despite our various backgrounds, races and beliefs. It should not take the Super Bowl to remind us of that.

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