Tom and Jerry Movie Review


Poster credit: Imbd

The iconic duo Tom and Jerry are back with a new adventure in a live-action/animated hybrid movie directed by Tim Story and based on the characters by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. 

The film follows Tom and Jerry as their rivalry reemerges in one of New York’s finest hotels amid a huge high-profile wedding. Jerry moves into the hotel and the manager is determined to get rid of him. Chloe Grace Moretz plays the hotel’s temporary event planner, Kayla, and she convinces the hotel manager, played by Rob Delaney, to hire Tom so they can get rid of Jerry. 

To control the mess that Tom and Jerry usually make, Kayla organizes “a day in New York” so that they can learn to get along and stay longer at the hotel. When mayhem ensues, Kayla’s plan fails, and Tom and Jerry’s battle ends up threatening her job, the wedding and the hotel’s reputation. The movie focuses more on the story behind the big wedding rather than the typical “cat-chases-mouse” story that we are used to.

It was a fun movie to watch because it made me remember my good ol’ childhood days. However, new watchers might not get such a thrill out of it. If you were not a Tom and Jerry fan before, this movie might seem a little too plain for you. The film lacked jokes, and it needed more scenes of Tom and Jerry’s typical rivalry. Despite that, it was still nice to see the duo on the screen once again. 

 It has not received very good reviews by critics because of that. The movie has received a 25% on the Tomatometer and a 5.3/10 on IMDb. Even though the critics disagree, I still believe it is a family-friendly movie worth watching. 

Whether you decide to watch it with friends or family, the movie is now available in theaters and will be streamed for free on HBO Max for 31 days from its theatrical release.