What to do with leftover Valentine’s Day Candy

What to do with leftover Valentine’s Day Candy

After a holiday that revolves around sweets, here are a few things you can do with your leftover Valentine’s Day Chocolate candy. 

  • Play a game 

Grab a few friends or family members and play guess the filling inside the chocolate. Break into pairs and have your teammate guess what’s the flavor inside your chocolate candy. 

  • Popcorn drizzle 

Something very popular to do with chocolate is melt it and put it over popcorn. This is a good way to use the leftover candy differently and not have it stuck in-between your teeth. 

  • Make Trail mix

Take the leftover chocolate, along with nuts and pretzels and put them into a ziplock bag. Now you have some good trail mix on the go. You can even take your mix with you to the gym or school for a good afternoon snack. 

  • Make S’mores 

If you have leftover chocolate all you have to do is purchase marshmallows and graham crackers , sit by the fire and have some good old-fashioned s’mores. Especially during these southern winter days, it’s a good way to stay warm and have a treat. 

  • Hot Cocoa 

Something else you can use the chocolate for is making hot chocolate. Throw the chocolate into a blender to make it into a powder, and now you have got some cocoa mix. This is super fun and simple since all you need is to heat some milk, dissolve the leftover chocolate in it and enjoy a warm beverage. 

  • Make Chocolate chunk cookies 

With this fun DIY, all you need to do is make some fresh cookie dough and cut up the leftover chocolate into tiny pieces. Then place the chocolate pieces into the dough and cook. Now you have different flavors of chocolate cookies that will be fun to eat and share. 

  • Make a syrup out of leftover chocolate 

Using the chocolate you have, put them into the microwave for about 30 seconds until the chocolate is soft enough that it has a paste texture. Pour it over your breakfast waffles or pancakes! This makes breakfast more fun and adds more flavor to your waffles or pancakes.