Hogwarts House Facts: Hufflepuff

Graphic by Europosters

Graphic by Europosters

The Harry Potter series is loved by so many people. The idea of magic, houses, ghosts and spells allow us muggles a chance to escape from reality whether that be reading the books or watching the movies.

It is no doubt that people question what is the better house in Harry Potter. Is it Slyhterin, or Gryffindor? Perhaps Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Truth be told, each house has its own traits and characteristics that match with certain people. Hufflepuff is by far the most underrated house at Hogwarts.

Hufflepuff house is one of the most admirable of all. Their main traits are being loyal and hard working people, however they are also incredibly kind and always stick by their friends.

Here are ten facts about why you should want to be in the Hufflepuff house:

1.  Hufflepuff is the most accepting of all the houses.

People who get put in this house literally accept anyone for who they are and no matter where they come from. They can be pretty quiet and a bit modest. They certainly won’t throw you to the curb if you don’t have the newest nimbus 2000.

2. The mascot is a Badger. Badgers are pretty bad.

Just like the house, a badger is often underestimated. People don’t think it is threatening enough. While that may be true, provoke a badger and it will viciously fight off threats just like a true Hufflepuff would.

3. The Hufflepuff house clearly has the best ghost.

Surely everyone has experienced a haunting and sometimes those experiences suck! If you’re going to be haunted, let’s hope it is not by ghosts like headless Nick who is whinny, or Bloody Baron from Slytherin. Clearly, the Fat Friar aka Double F from Hufflepuff is the ghost you want. Double F is cheerful and a bit mysterious and doesn’t care all that much about school. Thinking of changing houses yet?

4. Those in Hufflepuff have the best dormitories/common room.

The dormitories in Hufflepuff are the best set up. It is large and uses natural sunlight. It is covered in earthly toned colors creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Who doesn’t want to chill in something like that? Not to mention Hufflepuff is closest to the kitchens. Midnight munchies here we come!

5. Diamonds are a Hufflepuffs best friend.

Take a minute and think about the house cup. Each house has a large container that represents the amount of points they get, making it a little competition between who is the better house. It is not always about the points though. Each house represents a different gemstone. For Hufflepuffs, yes, it is a diamond. Diamonds are the best. I believe that’s ten points from Gryffindor.

6. The house with the least amount of dark wizards.

Hufflepuff house is commonly known for their kindness and loyalty. Even though they are able to excel in almost all of the wizarding areas (yes, even Defense Against the Dark Arts) their incredible ability to be good hearted people has kept them from going over to the dark side. Hufflepuff is the house that has the fewest dark wizards and witches in wizarding history.

7. They are all-rounders.

Hufflepuffs have very easy going personalities which makes it easy for them to be all rounders when it comes to their abilities. They are far better when it comes to nature, they seem to have a better understanding of herbology and care of magical creatures, but they do well in other subjects like potions and transfiguration as well.

8. You can always count on a Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuffs are well known for being extremely loyal to their friends. Since they don’t believe in gossip, they make extremely good secret keepers and people who you can trust with your life.

9. Hufflepuff’s value Friendship over anything.

Hufflepuff’s put their friendships over anything else. They like to keep things simple and concentrate in making lifelong friendships. If you have a hufflepuff as one of your close friends, you can consider yourself lucky.

10. Hufflepuffs will always be there to lend a helping hand.

Out of all the Hogwarts houses, Hufflepuffs take pride in being the most generous. If you even find yourself in a tough spot, know that you can always count on your fellow Hufflepuffs to come to the rescue. No matter what, they will always be there for you.

These are just a few facts. There are many more.

Therefore don’t ever underestimate a Hufflepuff or the house. Hufflepuffs are truly powerful, have the best rooms, the best ghost and above all they spread kindness to the world. So, embrace your inner Hufflepuff because you’re pretty great.

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