Opinion: My Top Five Tips and Tricks for At-Home Photography


Are you stuck at home and want to start a photograph collection? Look no further as this short guide will help to show easy and inexpensive ways to take breathtaking photos.

Crop, don’t zoom.

The first tip I will advise is to only zoom in when you have to. Zooming in on a person or object from a phone can lower the quality of your image and make it seem blurry. However, if you crop the surroundings around your subject, you can get a higher-quality and overall nicer picture.

Use macro-lens.

If you ever want to take pictures of the small world around you, you can use a macro lens to focus on small objects or creatures. Cheap macro-lens for your phone can be found at your local dollar store. If you plan on using a camera, you can attach a cup to the end of the camera lens to focus on the small objects.

Take photos underwater.

Have you ever wanted to take underwater photos in your pool or maybe a stream or bayou, but you don’t have a waterproof camera? Find a cheap, clear fish tank and put your camera in the tank. Then, carefully hold the tank half-submerged in the water, so that no water will get into the tank. The bigger the tank, the better. 

Make use of the sun. 

A sunset silhouette is pretty self-explanatory, but they can really turn out to be beautiful pictures. If there is a nice sunset (or sunrise), have someone pose in front of the sun as it is on the horizon. Don’t use flash. Once you have the right poses set, take the pictures. If done right, you should have silhouettes in front of a beautiful sunset.

Backup your photos.

A common mistake I see a lot of friends and family make is that they do not backup their photos and end up losing amazing images. If you are using your smartphone as a camera, backup your photos onto your computer. If you are taking pictures from your camera, make sure you backup your SD card onto your computer as well. Once this is done, you will now have a collection of well-taken images and be amazed by the simplicity of the methods behind these breathtaking photos.