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A couple weeks ago, I was told about a “cemetery” that the so-called pro-life student organization put together. Now, these students obviously have a right to their opinion but I think they are misguided, and here’s why.
Two years ago, the Nicholls “pro-life” group told a young woman on their Facebook page that since her mother had an abortion for an ectopic pregnancy that she deserved to be sentenced to death. An ectopic pregnancy is when the fetus starts developing inside the tube. It cannot survive because the pregnant woman would be dead by the end of the second trimester.
So no, these people are not pro-life, they are pro-birth, and after birth they could not care less whether or not the family has the ability to take care of a child. They could not care less if the kid died of starvation. Basically, they just don’t care.
Here are a few facts. 66 percent of women who get an abortion plan on having kids within the next ten years. 55 percent already have a kid. 88 percent get an abortion within the first trimester, and 50 percent are within the first eight weeks. Lastly is that 63 percent claim to attend church at least once a week. So you aren’t alone and there are many of us here that do support you.
If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one. But do not come onto our campus and try to tell us that we are killing babies when we are only making abortion safer despite the harmful policies your movement has helped put in place. Because another fact that anti-choicers love to ignore is that in every single country where abortion has been made illegal, the rate of abortion goes up and more women die getting those abortion because there are no safety measures in place.
So honestly, y’all can go to your meetings and be passionate and everything, but stop lying about being pro-life. Just admit that you are pro-birth and nothing else.
Abortions have been available for 40 years and they are not going away any time soon.
Peter Jenkins

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