Campus construction update


Hurricane Ida hit South Louisiana in August of 2021, leaving several parts of the Nicholls campus damaged.

Though progress has been made, there still remains some repairs that need to be completed on campus.

Danielle Breaux, Director of Facilities and Project Management, said that the total estimated cost of repairs is currently 18.4 million dollars and that number is expected to rise.

Students’ tuition will not go towards the repairs. The university’s insurance will help cover the costs of repairs.

Repairs to the roof of Ellender Memorial Library are planned to be started next week. The elevators will be repaired after repairs to the roof are completed. “We expect the elevator work to begin on April 4,” said Breaux.

There are interior repairs in residence halls that need to be completed. Residents are living in some of the rooms that need to be renovated. Some rooms can’t be lived in because of roof damage.

Breaux said there is sheetrock underneath window seals that need to be floated and painted. Some of the rooms need new flooring.

The contractor will finish those repairs when the students move out. The contract end date to make the repairs to those rooms is June 24. Breaux explained that by that date everything would be substantially complete.

“What substantially complete means is that we can occupy the space but there might be some punch list items, like if there’s a scratch on the wall or maybe a crooked molding,” Breaux continued. “We go through it and make a punch list of all the things that they would need to correct.”

Repairs need to be made to the Harold J. Callais Memorial Recreation Center. The panels on the metal roof need to be replaced. The schedule of the repairs is being coordinated.

Minor roof repairs and minimal panels need to be made to John L. Guidry Stadium. The schedule is being coordinated. Peltier Hall, Galliano Cafeteria and Stopher Gym have roof repairs that need to be completed. The schedule is currently being coordinated as well.

The cafeteria also has interior and AC repairs that need to be made. Breaux stated that the cafeteria has a temporary AC that is being used.

The roof of Shaver Gym started to be changed Monday, March 13. The schedule of the panel replacement and a large portion of the gym floor that needs to be replaced is still being coordinated.

Some of the interior work in the residence halls has been completed but a majority of the repairs are scheduled to be completed after the students move out at the end of the semester. The repairs are being done at this time to reduce disruptions.