Nicholls is shifting from Moodle to Canvas

Nicholls is shifting from Moodle to Canvas

Nicholls State University’s recently made the decision to switch open-source learning sites from Moodle to Canvas.

The faculty senate recommended the move at a meeting in early March. The change will take place in the Summer 2023 semester.

An email sent to students and faculty on March 7 detailed a few Canvas highlights: user-friendly, secure environment and features a 24/7/365 help desk.

In recent years, Canvas has drawn more and more universities. According to an article by Imed Bouchrika, “In North America, the leading LMS program is Canvas, garnering about 19,238,279 of enrollees by the end of 2019.”

The move is seen as a hassle by some professors. Professors cannot copy all of their class materials over to Canvas, meaning that they have to reconstruct some of their class sites.

However, to other professors the switch is more welcome.

“Im nervous about us all adjusting to something new, but I have experience with Canvas as a student and it’s fairly easy to navigate and I  haven’t had any issues with it,” Professor Rihannon Traigle said.

Traigle said Nicole Cotten was helpful in the move and though it may affect the workload, the university has done everything it could to facilitate the move efficiently.

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