Political clubs forming on campus


Photo by: Evan Cressoine

Political groups are fighting for a place on Nicholls State University’s campus. 

This semester, two potential political organizations have made an appearance on Nicholls campus. The College Republicans United (UCR) and the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA). 

“I think it’s important for people to be politically engaged,” Professor David Whitney said. “…One advantage of those clubs is they at least do get people to start paying attention to what’s going on.” 

Both organizations are waiting on the Student Activities Coordinator to finalize the process of them becoming recognized Nicholls organizations. 

The CRU President Seth Scott stated that while they welcome anybody with conservative views, they are more of a paleoconservative group. Scott explained that there are two types of conservative groups: neoconservatives and paleoconservatives. 


“They [neoconservatives] are economic conservatives, they worship capitalism,” Scott said. “Paleoconservatives are more focused on social aspects…America first is the best way to put it.”

CRU is looking to be more of a social club. Scott went on to say that if the school put something into place that was more left wing, they would sign a petition and protest against it. Scott thinks that politics are a hobby, and that by having these clubs, more people could take an interest in making politics their hobby. 

Two years ago, Nicholls campus had phrases stating more conservative views written in chalk. Scott said that this event had nothing to do with CRU, as this event was led by the College Republican National Committee when they were not fully registered. 

“This was the College Republicans [CRNC]…We are a different group,” Scott stated. “We chatted with them [CRU] and it’s been going so well so far.”

YDSA is taking a different approach. 

“We’re not really a political organization, we’re more of an activist group, so we focus on change,” YDSA Chair Esperanza Sanchez said. 

This is the first YDSA chapter on Nicholls campus. Sanchez says that they think that people were scared to be open about being a Democrat in a Conservative state. They want this organization to be a safe space for anyone interested in joining. 

Right now, while they are still working on becoming a recognized chapter, Sanchez proposed a Walk Out for Workers Wages and Rights. On Sept. 8, there was a group of individuals who stood with posters protesting the student workers and custodian wages on campus. Sanchez explained how student workers are earning $7.25 an hour, working nine hour shifts with no breaks, little training, and not always being paid for their working hours. 

“The walk out was proposed by us, but we couldn’t do it as a club so we are doing it as individuals,” Sanchez stated. 

The walk out was deemed successful by Sanchez, saying while the student body didn’t like the protest too well, professors were showing their support by giving the group a thumbs up. 

Sanchez thinks it is important to have these political organizations so people have a safe and equal space to go to with their views. Every Tuesday they have a political meeting, as of right now, they are being hosted in the Ellender Memorial Library. 

“We educate people on different forms of politics,” Sanchez said. “We cover the Republican stuff, we cover marxism, leninism. We cover everything.”

Students can find more information on these organizations on their respective Instagram and Linktree pages.