5 Mental Health Tips for a Great Semester

5 Mental Health Tips for a Great Semester

Returning to school can be stressful and overwhelming. In addition to school work, many students also have responsibilities outside of the classroom, so it can be difficult to destress.

Here are 5 tips to help you maintain your mental health this semester!

1. Establish a Routine
For many students, establishing a daily routine can help make their days better. Being productive helps keep a positive mindset. Waking up early, making your bed, and cleaning up your space are a few examples of tasks that can help start your day off the right way.

“Having a routine really helps me because it keeps me organized. For me, organization is having my planner with all my due dates. I always study at the same time. It helps ease the stress of always having something due,” McKenzie Sonier, pre-professional allied health sophomore from Chackbay, said.

2. Practice Self Care
Maintaining self care is very important to your mental health. Getting a good night’s sleep, drinking enough water, and finding time for yourself are all important examples of ways to take care of your body and mind. Even exercising and eating healthier foods can make you feel good!

3. Set Goals for Yourself
By setting realistic goals for yourself, you can find something to look forward to. If you want to maintain or improve your grades this semester, consider setting a goal to study a little bit every night.

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“Don’t procrastinate! Putting off work until the last minute will cause you more unnecessary stress, and you won’t be able to produce your best quality work,” Caila Nixon, biology pre-pharmacy sophomore from Thibodaux, said.

4. Pick up a Hobby
Picking up a hobby and making time to learn a new skill can also improve your mental health this semester! It may give you time to relax and enjoy some free time. Whether it keeps your mind busy or completely relaxes you, it can be a positive experience that could stick with you!

5. Talk to Someone
It is always a good idea to stay social and talk with friends and family. Sometimes talking with someone is a good way to blow off some steam or to simply get some thoughts off your mind. If you are having serious mental health issues, you should speak to a professional and seek help.

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You can even talk to a professional on campus. The Nicholls State University Counseling Center offers free help to students in need of mental health services. The link below will redirect you to the Counseling Center’s website. Here you will be able to make a counseling appointment if needed: Nicholls State University Counseling Center