“Purple Hearts” Review


Netflix’s new original film, “Purple Hearts,” has been a huge hit across the country. Whether you liked it or not, you’ve heard about it. It has been trending in Netflix’s top ten movie section since the moment the film was released to the streaming platform on July 29.

I would consider the film to be a standard romantic chick flick—a true enemies to lovers storyline. The two main characters meet at the start of the film and clash immediately due to their underlying conflicting political beliefs. They have completely different viewpoints on all things politics, however, they start to see things in a different light when they realize that a marriage would positively impact both of their lives in a major way.

Cassie (Sofia Carson) is a struggling musician and Luke (Nicholas Galitzine) is a troubled marine and they both have next to nothing in common. Their idea of “faking” a marriage gets tossed around when Cassie can’t afford the $500 insulin she needs for her treatment of her type 1 diabetes due to a lack of having health insurance. On the flip side, Luke struggles with a past drug addiction that still haunts him because he owes money to an ex drug dealer. However, Cassie and Luke getting married would mean that Cassie would receive health insurance to help with her medical costs, and Luke would receive extra income from the military on top of that to help pay off his drug debt. This seems like an easy fix for both parties, but only one problem persists: the two cannot stand each other.

This leaves them with no other choice other than faking a marriage. This entails getting married on paper, acting like you love each other in public, but only co-existing within the home.

After keeping this fake life up for a few months, tragedy hits and fate occurs. The two quickly realize how much they truly care for each other and decide to put their political differences aside and live a happy and legitimate marriage, as you would expect to happen in any romance movie.

Overall, I truly enjoyed watching the film. It is important to note that I am a sucker for these kinds of romantic films. I love a good love story. With that being said, I don’t think the film was necessarily made well. This will not be a movie talked about for years to come. It is more of a fix some popcorn, sit down, and watch an entertaining, feel good love story for two hours kind of film.

There are many political references throughout the film on both sides, and the film had a lot of backlash because of this. I personally did not have an issue with it because it hit both sides of the spectrum equally. It was never more one sided as far as politics go. Differing political opinions was part of the reason why the two hated each other, so it was a necessary part of the plot. I do believe that it was a lazy way to get the characters’ backgrounds across, but I don’t think that one side should be offended more than the other. This is simply another example of how the film could have been made better.

I feel like it is unfair to talk about the film without mentioning Sofia Carson’s voice. She performed multiple covers throughout the movie, but her original song “Come Back Home” towards the end was a big hit. She is very talented, and I think viewers loved this aspect of the film. The original song really tied the whole movie together and was heartwarming to viewers.

After watching the film, I can see that I truly did enjoy my time watching. With that being said, I can also understand all of the backlash the film is getting due to the fact that it could have been made much better.

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