Colonel Esports Receives Donation from Avid Gamer


Rachel Callais has been a long-time gamer and supporter of Nicholls State University. On June 21, it was announced that Callais will be donating $25,000 to the Colonel eSports team. 

The money from this generous donation will be used to create scholarships for the eSports players and will help to establish a streaming station that will educate students on professional podcasting and broadcasting. 

Callais said, “I wish I had a place like Esports during my high school years. I was a very shy person, didn’t have many friends and would often stay to myself. Esports gives people like me an opportunity to feel like they belong somewhere.” 

Elizabeth Layton, the faculty head coach and advisor for the Colonel eSports team, is teeming with excitement to have such support from the community as the eSports team continues to grow. 

“The students are so excited to be able to have this new station because more often than not, they have been streaming from home during our matches due to limited resources,” Layton said. She believes this shows how gaming can bring people together. 

Previously, philanthropist Callais donated $200,000 in 2017 with her sister, Leah, for new computer labs in Ayo Hall. The sisters also donated $120,000 to create endowed professorships in coastal studies earlier this year. 

After being established in the spring of 2021, Colonel Esports has grown to become one of the most popular clubs on campus. As of now, there are forty team members who are split into competitive teams in leagues featuring games like Call of Duty, Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch, and so much more. 

The Colonel Esports team has plans to expand their space and this donation has made that all the more possible.