Kingdom Hearts 4: Trailer Breakdown


Kingdom Hearts 4 is the new upcoming chapter in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The trailer dropped on Apr. 10 as part of the Kingdom Heart’s 20th anniversary event, along with a new mobile game and a conclusion to the game Kingdom Hearts: A Dark Road. 

While no release date has been confirmed, the trailer offers some development footage of the game and what we can expect when it is finally released. 

In this game, Sora is once again the main character played, but things are not what they seem. In the beginning of the trailer, he is awakened from a deep sleep (by Strelitzia) after arriving in a world called Quadratum—a world that looks like the real world, but is rather an afterworld—after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. It is at this point that a new form of a “Darkside” creature as seen in previous games emerges, along with the Master of Masters and Luxu. At the end of the trailer, we also see Donald and Goofy navigating through a dark abyss trying to find Sora. While looking for him, Donald notices a blue flame and is afraid by it, at which point the flame changes to orange, and both Donald and Goofy scream.

While the trailer doesn’t give that much information, there are certain clues that can lead to speculation. One of the biggest speculations is a point where it shows a woodland area that many believe hints at a possible Star Wars crossover. Also, the ending scene when the blue/orange flame is shown has led people to wonder if Donald and Goofy are actually in the Underworld—from Hercules—with the blue flame representing Hades. 

The game design is also more realistic and less cartoonish compared to previous entries. 

Despite much speculation, the developers are trying to keep quiet while the game is still in early development. There has been no information about when more information will be released. 

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