“The Boys: Diabolical” Review


“The Boys: Diabolical” is an animated anthology series spinoff of the PrimeVideo series, “The Boys.” The animated series contains different animation styles in each episode, which makes the series truly interesting. While the series was originally advertised as a canon spinoff, it is now considered semi-canon. This means that some episodes are truly canon to the series, some episodes are non-canon, and other episodes could exist in the continuity but have no official ties to the main series.

The episodes themselves were all pretty dark, much like the original series. There were only a couple of episodes that had hopeful endings. However, the series is full of good moments and laughs as well. Some episodes, such as “Boyd,” strayed away from the classic superhero format and instead focused on products from Vought International, the corporation that made super powers.

As said before, each episode was unique in animation. The very first episode, “Laser Baby’s Day Out” was animated as a silent safety video, or possibly like a Disney cartoon. The episode was full of physical comedy and darker elements that should not be in a children’s cartoon. The definitively non-canon episode, “An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents,” was animated akin to Justin Roiland’s other shows “Rick and Morty” or “Solar Opposites.” The episode does exactly what the title says in pretty disturbing ways. The animation in every episode was a nice touch to give the creators freedom to do whatever they wanted within the episode without having to conform to the original series.

One of the most notable episodes was “One Plus One Equals Two.” In this episode, viewers get to see the canonical origin to Homelander’s entry into the team, known as the Seven, and his relationship to Black Noir. This was interesting as it showed a darker side to Black Noir and a lighter side of Homelander, which seems to have swapped in “The Boys.” It will be fascinating how this story fits into the upcoming third season. The first trailer for the third season released on Saturday, March 13. It offered plenty of reveals in terms of new characters and power sets. Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy is also set to have his live-action debut in this season, which will be really intriguing.

Nevertheless, “The Boys: Diabolical” was a real treat to watch while waiting for the next season of “The Boys.” Every episode brought something unique to the overall series, especially in terms of animation style. Hopefully there will be more episodes coming in the future.