Super Bowl LVI Recap


On Feb. 13th, 2022 the sports world converged in Inglewood, California for Super Bowl LVI. The AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals took on the NFC champion Los Angeles Rams, who coincidentally received a bid for the elusive home Super Bowl.

The game started with neither team converting for a first down, resulting in a punt for the Rams, and a turnover on downs for the Bengals. The Rams would, however, put it together on their second drive with a 17-yard touchdown pass by Matthew Stafford to New Orleans native Odell Beckham Jr.

The first score was followed by punts for both teams. The Bengals would get it done on their third drive, scoring on a 29-yard Evan McPherson field goal. The Rams followed their next possession with a touchdown, as would the Bengals, making the score 13-10.

The final four drives of the half would result in one Bengals interception, but no points, keeping the halftime score to 13-10. The Rams may have taken the lead into the half, but they lost a key player in Odell Beckham Jr,. Beckham Jr. looked to have a knee injury that occurred on an incomplete pass to the Rams’ wide receiver.

The beginning of the second half would prove to be electric. The Bengals came out and scored on a 75-yard touchdown pass off the hands of Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow to receiver Tee Higgins. The Rams would take the field, but not for long with Stafford throwing an interception on first down giving the ball right back to the Bengals. Cincinnati would only manage a field goal after the interception, but still, extend their lead to seven points with a score of 20-13.

Los Angeles put up points on their second possession of the half kicking a field goal to make the margin closer, the score now being 20-16 Bengals. The two teams would trade punts on the next seven drives.

The Rams would take the ball with six minutes left and drive down to the Bengals’ eight-yard line when the two-minute warming would hit. The Rams would get down to third and goal, but the next three plays would end in four penalties, three on the Bengals part and one being pinned on the Rams. The next unpenalized down would result in a touchdown catch from Cooper Kupp, giving the Rams their first lead of the half with only a minute and 25 seconds remaining on the clock.

The Bengals started their drive out at the twenty-five-yard line. Joe Burrow and the Bengals took the ball down to the Rams 49-yard line and were left with a fourth and one. Los Angeles brought pressure and caught Burrow in the backfield, Burrow got off a pass, but however, the minted receiver could not bring in the catch and the Bengals Super Bowl hopes were dashed.

Super Bowl LVI would end in a home team victory with the Rams taking the Lombardi trophy with a 24-20 win. Veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford would finally get his Super Bowl win that had evaded him, as would defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Wide Receiver Cooper Kupp, who caught the game-winning touchdown, would be selected Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.

The season is now over, and NFL fans will have to find other sports to keep them entertained. In the meantime, the Rams will call themselves Super Bowl champions.

Congratulations to the World Champion Los Angeles Rams!