“Encanto” Review


Disney’s newest animation, “Encanto,” is the topic of global conversation. 

The film’s vibrant colors pull you in, and the catchy soundtrack makes you want to stick around to join the fun with the Madrigals.

“Encanto” was released on Nov. 24 to theaters before being added to the streaming service Disney+ on Dec. 24. 

The film is centered around a family who all share a home, called Casita, located in Colombia. However, this is no ordinary home—Casita is magical. 

Each child in Casita receives a special gift, except for the main character, Mirabel. It is mentioned early on in the film that Mirabel feels unimportant and left out from the family because she was not blessed with a gift. However, at the end of the film, she becomes an essential part in restoring Casita’s magic indefinitely. It is revealed that Mirabel is the source of both the magic and the miracle the Madrigals have been blessed with. 

“Encanto” has been shattering records since the moment it was released. The film was the highest-grossing animated film of 2021. Also, it has already won a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. The music from the film not only reached the Billboard Charts, but has been resting there for a few weeks now.  

In addition to the beautiful colors portrayed throughout the film, the soundtrack makes it the epitome of a good musical. I would expect nothing less from world-renowned songwriter  Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

Miranda is mostly known for his Broadway musical “Hamilton,” but puts a special spin on his work in “Encanto.” From “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to “Surface Pressure,” the catchy songs within the film command attention and make you want to sing along! 

The film is exemplary in displaying Latino culture. During the film, Mirabel helped herself to arepas con queso, a traditional Colombian dish. In addition to the arepas, there are also a few moments when the Madrigals speak to each other in “Spanglish”- a combination of the English and Spanish language. Another aspect of Latino culture displayed is the family dynamic. Abuela, the grandmother, being the head of the household is very common within Latino communities. 

Unfortunately, the storytelling in this film was not its strong suit. The story line, though intriguing, took too long to get from Point A to Point B. At times, it felt as if the plot was dragging on, and you knew what was going to happen before it happened. Ultimately, the film’s visual appeal, catchy music, and unique humor was enough to make it a big hit!

“Encanto” is a great film to sit around and watch with the family. I highly suggest getting a taste of the magic and singing along with the Madrigal family as they take you along their journey!

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