Liked “Squid Game?” Here’s Five Korean Dramas to Watch Next!


Image ©️ Netflix

Yes, you read the title right. Here are five more K-dramas to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • “Cheese in the Trap”

Set in modern-day South Korea, the perfectionist university student, Seol, is reintroduced to former classmate Jeong. Jeong, who just came back from mandatory military service, finds himself infatuated with Seol. However, when Jeong’s worst enemy, Baek Inho, meets Seol, things become sticky. This drama will warm your heart, but it will also make you cry every couple of episodes, so keep a box of tissues nearby.

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  • “Goedam”

Do you like spooky short films with hidden messages? Are you intrigued by urban legends? If so, then this mini drama series is perfect for you. With its ten episodes only lasting about ten minutes a piece, this show is a quick binge that will leave you searching for clues. There are also many conspiracies surrounding what the show is actually about, and it genuinely makes for a great table topic with friends.

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  • “Vincenzo”

Vincenzo, Korean-Italian mafia lawyer, returns to his home country to take down a large business that illegally took ownership of a plaza. However, along the way, he meets Hong Cha-young, an attorney for an opposing firm. They eventually fall into the classic enemies-to-lovers relationship in attempts to fight the corrupt business. While this drama does not provide any life lessons, it will have you swoon over Vincenzo.

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  • “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

Constantly hopping from town to town with his autistic brother, Moon Gang-tae is a caretaker at a psych ward. Gang-tae meets a famous children’s novelist, Ko Moon-young, who shows many symptoms of antisocial personality disorder. The two eventually fall in love with one another, and learn to uncover their dark pasts. Noted as one of the best international shows of 2020 by The New York Times, this drama will help you learn a thing or two about love, and it will help you to get a good cry out. 

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  • “Start-Up”

Ambitious young businesswoman, Seo Dal-mi, has a dream to become South Korea’s version of Steve Jobs. However, while Dal-mi has plenty of experience in part-time jobs, she does not have much experience doing anything with technology. She comes across a founder of a large but sinking technology company, Nam Do-san, who helps Dal-mi to pursue her dream. By telling the story of people that work in start-up companies, this Netflix original is lighthearted yet intriguing.

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