Colonel Creations: The student union’s newest dining option


Nicholls State University opened its latest addition to the Donald G Bollinger Memorial Student Union Food Court for the fall semester to give students even more dining options.

The Donald G Bollinger Memorial Student Union Food Court is the new home of Colonel Creations, a vendor dedicated to bringing customers a variety of meals based on monthly themes.

“So far we’re hearing really good things,” said Nicholls Dining Operations Manager James Charpentier. “It’s a great value and it really fills you up.”

The new vendor’s opening theme was macaroni and cheese. Customers could pick from several different menu options including: Four Cheese and Bacon, Smokey Mac and Cheese, Roasted Veggie, Grilled Chicken Mac and Cheese, Buffalo Mac and Cheese, and Macaroni Noodles with Cheese Sauce.

For just under seven dollars, customers receive a full plastic tray of macaroni and cheese with any number of toppings.

“It’s kind of expensive but it’s worth the price for the amount of food they give you,” said Olivia Neal, a senior English Education Major from Labadieville. “I was able to eat off it for almost a whole week!”

Colonel Creations replaced Big Bayou Pizza and Pasta, which was previously located in the food court. This has been met with various responses from many different students, as Big Bayou Pizza and Pasta was a favorite of many student union frequenters.

“I am honestly kind of annoyed because the place will change every month, so it won’t even be macaroni and cheese for much longer!” said Roland Sternfelds, a sophomore Psychology Major from Covington. “I will miss the pizza very much because it was very tasty.”

Despite social media advertisements, several students have not heard about the opening of Colonel Creations. Many students still have no idea that Big Bayou Pizza and Pasta has been replaced. Others were excited by the advertisements and could not wait to try the food.

“I was eager to try the Four Cheese and Bacon dish. It was decent. I think it had too much cheese and not enough bacon, though,” said Sternfelds. “I will probably go there again. I totally recommend it.”

In the upcoming months, Colonel Creations will feature baked potatoes, followed by hot dogs, and then pizza.