Nicholls encourages students to vaccinate

Nicholls encourages students to vaccinate

Photo by: Rachel Klaus

Nicholls State University released an email to all of its current students and faculty on July 19 regarding the recent declaration by Governor John Bell Edwards of a fourth coronavirus surge. 

The university is stressing the importance of getting the vaccine to prevent the future spreading of the virus. 

Some of the statistics used as reasons included: 

“Between February and July of 2021, unvaccinated people in Louisiana were 20 times more likely to become ill with COVID-19.”

“Fully vaccinated individuals account for less than one percent of these new cases.”

Nicholls also took the time to address any concerns regarding the vaccine, as they encouraged any students with questions to research the vaccine. The email also included the phone number to the COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline and the link to the Louisiana Covid Vaccine website. 

The email also included a variety of ways to schedule a vaccine appointment. The University suggested that you get the vaccine at either a local medical facility or pharmacy. 

According to the email, Nicholls will be offering the vaccine to its students beginning on August 14 in conjunction with Move-In Day. 

Details on the Move-In Day vaccine and its administering will be coming soon.