Nicholls 2021 SPA election results


Photo by: Avery Landry

The well-awaited results of the 2021 Student Programming Association election were announced today in the Bollinger Memorial Student Union by SGA Commission Member Keilan Kiger. 

Over 1,000 people voted in the election. 

SPA Special Events Committee Head Taylor Roussel was named first, as SPA’s new president. 

Overcome with joyous emotion following her victory, Roussel stated that she was incredibly excited to give students the best possible college experience that she can.

“I want to implement so many new things, just to increase student engagement, and to help give students what they deserve. They truly do deserve the best college experience,” Roussel said. 

Following Roussel’s new position as President of SPA, it was also announced that SPA Unions Events Committee Head Taylen Daigle earned the title of SPA’s new vice president. 

Also moved by her emotion, Daigle said that she was ecstatic to see the many things that SPA will be able to accomplish in the future. 

“I’m really excited to see all of the events that we’ll be able to do, as well as how things will go with the restrictions, and to just to be able to keep progressing, despite Covid and everything else,” Daigle said.