Long Distance Date Ideas

Cartoon by GQ

Cartoon by GQ

Long-distance relationships often take a lot of commitment to make them work. However, there are simple ways to make sure you make the best out of the time you can spend together.

They say the key to long-distance relationships comes down to three factors: structure, clear expectations and having mutual goals. This includes date planning… and believe it or not, coming up with stuff other than Facetiming every night from each other’s couch is not that hard.

Let’s go through the basics first. There are some things one must do before going through with the actual date:

  • Pick a time in which you will both be fully present and available for each other.

  • Set the mood: dress up like you would for an actual date. Go that extra mile like you would if you were meeting your significant other for a special occasion.

  • Find out things you both like to do together.

Once you’ve set a day and time in which you can both be there for each other, here are a few ideas of things you can do together even if you are 5,000 miles apart.

  • Virtual Cooking Date

Before the date, come up with something that you would both like to eat together. Search for a recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients. You can get creative and decide on one of your favorite childhood dishes to share with your significant other as a way to get to know each other. Whether it is Zoom, Facetime or Skype you can set your laptop/phone on the counter and cook a delicious meal together. Once the food is ready, you can sit, talk and enjoy your date!

  •  Game Night

Even though you are not physically in the same room, the internet provides countless sites where you can find interactive games to enjoy together while on a video call. A great place to find a game is Jackbox Games or Cardzmania, which are known for their action-packed fun games.

  • Virtual Museum Tour

Looking at art displays and listening to what the other person perceives from the piece is a great way to get to know each other in ways you might not have before. There are plenty of museums offering virtual tours out there. Pick a venue and time to meet each other at your preferred date place.

  • Start a two-person Netflix watching club.

If you live in different time zones, watching a series together might seem difficult. However, you can decide on a show to watch, and each person can see the episodes in their own time. After that, set a date on which you will call each other and discuss the series. It’s like a book club but about shows.