Mardi Gras Cancelled


Photo by: Angelle Gaspard

Mardi Gras is coming up on Monday, Feb. 16. This year things are going to be completely different because Mardi Gras is actually canceled. Due to the continuous nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of Louisiana felt that it would be better to cancel the festivities and limit the spread of the virus.

Now, this may be a little bit disappointing because Mardi Gras is always a huge festival especially in the state of Louisiana, but if we limit the spread of the virus and continuously wear a mask we can be one step closer to allowing things to go back to normal. Now even though we won’t be having a traditional Mardi Gras here are some alternatives that New Orleans is doing to give you that Mardi Gras experience. 

• Jamnila

Jamnola is a safe socially distanced multimedia experience with many fun and interesting installations. Starting now through Feb. 21, you can (with up to a group of six friends) experience beautifully designed multimedia art experiences located in New Orleans. Tickets are required in advance and from what I hear it’s completely worth it. Tickets are $29 for adults and $20 for students and kids 3-12. 

• House floats 

Many people around the New Orleans area are decorating their homes to look like a Mardi Gras float. One thing you can do with some friends is take a trip to NOLA and walk around looking at all the house floats. This is something that’s fun and covid friendly. 

• Virtual Mardi Gras cookie decorating 

This may not be something you think of when thinking of Mardi Gras but with current activities being limited it does give you something to do. You can follow along at Cake Time on Facebook Live as they teach you how to make a Mardi Gras themed cookie. 

• Purina Pet Parade 

You can enjoy watching dogs in a parade around in costumes on Facebook Live through Soulard Mardi Gras Facebook page. Watch as the judges ground the best dog. You can also make donations that will go to Open Door Animale Sanctuary. 

• Mardi Gras in a box 

Something you can do that’s fun and keeps the spirit of Mardi Gras alive is have a small party at your house. This can be with your closest friends and family as long as they are COVID-19 free and just have a small little party all together. Make sure you have king cake and Mardi Gras beads and you’re good to go.