Meal Prepping for college students

Meal Prepping for college students

In today’s article, I wanted to talk about meal prepping and how it can be helpful. Meal prepping is a super fun and easy way to plan your meals for the week. 

Many people turn to meal prepping as a way to aid weight loss, but it has countless benefits. You can use this technique to help you stay healthy or reach a certain weight. It is also helpful when it comes to saving time when you have little to no time. It can also help with saving money when you’re too broke to eat out.

The fun part about meal prepping is that you have complete control over what you will be eating. It can be chicken or steak and you can also include some veggies like green beans or carrots. Whatever you choose to add will be completely catered to you and what you like. If you’re vegan you can make a meal plan that caters to those needs. 

There are a lot of benefits that come with meal prepping. It helps you save money because you are buying food to cook for one whole week. It also allows you to eat healthier if you are someone who typically eats out instead of cooking your meals.  Meal prepping also helps reduce stress because you don’t have to worry about what you will be eating for that day. 

If you are interested in meal prepping there are multiple videos on Youtube that can help you get started. Many websites can give you some ideas on what to cook and help you narrow down meals that will help you reach your goals. Below are some of the most common types of meal preps that people tend to make. Just to give you some ideas. 

  1. A steak and rice bowl

This meal is packed with steak and rice which may not seem like much but it’s perfect for anyone trying to stay fit or just eat healthily. 

    2. Veggie bowl

Even though it has veggie in the name doesn’t mean that’s all that’s in the meal. You can have veggies like: carrots, broccoli, green beans and onions. Add some sort of protein like chicken, shrimp or steak. This will make for a perfect meal that will make you feel healthy and full right after you eat it. 

    3. Seafood bowl 

The seafood bowl is exactly like it sounds. Cook some seafood whether it is fish or shrimp and eat it for the whole week straight. You can even alternate between fish and shrimp (or any other seafood you like) just to mix things up and not eat the same thing every day. With this, you can pick any side that you think would go best with your meal. You can mix in pasta, rice or crackers and have it in a different way every day. 

You can do any of these three things and have a good meal cooked and ready for eating throughout the whole week. If you have a meal you enjoy making, leave it in the comments below!