10 Elf on the Shelf ideas


You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf. Now get ready for these ten ideas for creative ways to place or hide your elf. 

1.  Quarantine Elf.

This year has been crazy with the pandemic, quarantines and different places being closed, but to add some fun to what has happened this year, you can put your elf in quarantine too.  You can put your elf in a glass jar with a label saying that your elf has been quarantined for two weeks due to it just arriving or because it has gotten covid. 

2. Movie watching elf.

You can make your elf its own small bowl of popcorn, give it the remote and put on a Christmas movie like Elf for it to watch. Simply place it on the couch before your kids wake up in the morning. 

3. Play hide and seek with your elf.

Elves are known for being from the North Pole, which is cold, so you can wrap your elf in a small towel and hide it in the refrigerator for someone to find. You can also place it in other odd areas around the house like in the washer machine or in a cabinet. 

4. Eating breakfast.

You can have your elf sitting at your table eating a Buddy the Elf inspired breakfast with spaghetti noodles, marshmallows, M&Ms, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, Pop Tarts and jelly beans. 

5. Scavenger Hunt.

You can hide candy canes in different places around your house and have your elf sitting in the empty box holding a note saying how many candy canes are hidden. It’ll be fun for kids to find the candy canes.

6. A way to carry an elf.

Similar to the quarantine elf, you can place your elf in a glass jar to be carried around throughout the day. A note can be included in the jar that says something about how since it cannot be touched it is in the jar so it can be carried around throughout the day.

7. Writing on the mirror.

You can write a note on your mirror from the elf with lipstick, or a marker, and have the elf sitting below it holding the lipstick or marker. 

8. Snowman building.

Using big or small marshmallows, you can have some of them on the counter near your elf. You can have your elf building a snowman out of three of the marshmallows. 

9. Putting up ornaments. 

You can use some string to make it look like your elf is climbing your Christmas tree to help put some ornaments on there. 

10. Elf in a ball pit.

You can use some crafting pom poms in a bowl to create a ball pit for your elf to sit in.