Parler, a new online platform


Over the last several days, the social networking app, Parler, has risen to the top charts of mobile stores. Parler is a free speech social media app that was initially released in 2018. 

The app allows users to say what they wish freely online, unlike other platforms which have been censoring users. 

This sudden rise in downloads is due to the events of the recent presidential election.

After hearing rumored reports that sites, such as Facebook and Twitter are censoring tweets from conservative users, including the President. 

Since then, the Parler app has become more popular among conservatives and right-wing supporters. Although President Trump is not a user on the app, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other Fox News hosts are.

John Matze, founder of Parler, has revealed that the app has gained over two million new users over the course of the weekend. 

The website has reportedly had so many new users that the servers are experiencing slow speeds and connection issues. 

It is unclear as of now whether this app will grow even more in popularity following the results of the election.