Temporary discontinuation of Nicholls’ transit bus system


With last semester’s exciting announcement that Nicholls State University would be receiving its own transit bus, many have been wondering about its disappearance from campus. 

Vice President of Finance and Administration Terry Braud addressed this by stating the transit bus has been temporarily discontinued due to certain restrictions with Covid-19. 

Braud explained that as the bus is of a very small size, remaining socially distant would have reduced the occupancy to three to four students at a time. In turn, this idea and the extensive cleaning measures performed in between each use would have drastically slowed its route. 

Braud also mentioned that the university still owns the bus and has access to bus drivers.

Student Government Association (SGA) President Ethan Naquin added to this by stating that even though SGA decided to discontinue the service due to Covid-19, they hope to bring it back in the spring semester. 

Naquin additionally expressed that the benefit of the transit bus could easily be seen last semester, when it was first introduced.

“We had a few students who used the transit bus daily,” Naquin said. 

Naquin explained that seeing students’ need for the transit bus has increased their hopes of bringing it back to campus in the spring.