Largest Zipline Course in Louisiana


Do you crave fun, adventure and excitement? Well, if you do I have just the place for you! Magnolia Ridge Adventure Park offers a unique experience that lets you explore Louisiana differently. 

The largest zipline facility in south Louisiana is a great way to have fun with friends and family.  The 32-acre experience has guests gliding over trees and looking out into the natural wildlife and waterways below. 

What makes this an ideal place to visit is that the park offers eight different zip lines courses all of which consist of a wide range between high and low that you can choose from depending on the experience level you have. 

The high-level course takes about two hours to complete, and the lower courses take about an hour. Prices begin at $58 for kids eight and up and $63 for adults. 

Ziplining is such a fun way to spend the day while you enjoy activities in the great outdoors and take in the surroundings that nature has to offer.  If you do decide to check out Magnolia Ridge remember to be safe.