Movie Review: Hubie Halloween


Image © Netflix

Hubie Halloween is one of the newest releases on Netflix this fall. The film stars Adam Sandler as Salem resident Hubie Dubois. Hubie is often the butt of the town’s jokes. However, there is a mystery kidnapper abducting locals throughout the night of Halloween.

 It is up to Hubie to solve the mystery and protect his town from the kidnapper. Since this film was released recently, this review will not contain any spoilers.

Being a comedy film, Hubie Halloween does offer plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. This is due to the comedic cast. This enormous cast includes Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Shaquille O’Neal and Steven Buscemi, just to name a few. Each character brings a different level of comedic absurdity to the film. 

This film contains all the slapstick comedy that an Adam Sandler movie usually contains, such as the character constant falling off his bike. 

Some of these characters also had many heartwarming moments, such as the relationship between Noah Schnapp’s Tommy and Paris Berelc’s Megan. Bowen’s character, Violet Valentine also has many great moments with Hubie and her foster children. 

While the reveal of the kidnapper may be shocking, there were too many red herrings. A red herring is typically something or someone presented in the film to throw off the audience from the actual threat. 

For this particular one, they hurt the film in my opinion, as it focused too long on specific ones. Another issue I had with the film was the reveal of why some citizens pranked and bullied Hubie. This was an opportunity to shame bullying, but instead it was portrayed as a joke.

Overall, the film offers many comedic moments and great characters, even though there were  definitely issues with the film. I’d give this film a C+. It’s a very funny Halloween movie, but some jokes go a little too far.