Relate Night Moved to Zoom


Graphic by Jessica Mouton

Relate Night has been moved to Zoom for tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. The host, Chelsea Jackson, is a Nicholls graduate student studying higher education. 

The topic for this Relate Night is “RELATE to Responsibility.” This event is a platform for students that need to express their feelings and ideas on things like political debates, the pandemic and the controversy overtaking the nation. 

The event, coordinated by Farren Clark, allows students to express their thoughts on these world issues by conducting a musical performance, telling a story, reading poetry and virtually any other way that students prefer.

In the email sent out to students, Clark asks “What does ‘responsibility’ mean and to whom are we responsible? Who are ‘we’? What does justice, liberty and equality for all mean in 2020?”

In this meeting, students will be able to answer those questions in whatever way they wish. After each performance, there will be a discussion concerning that student’s view points.

If you are interested in this event and want to perform, Clark asks that students sign in 15 minutes prior in the chat feed. If you do not wish to perform, but would still like to attend, just simply log on to Zoom at the respective time using the meeting code and password below. If you are unable to attend tomorrow but wish to attend in the future, there will be another Relate Night further into the fall semester.

Meeting ID: 875 9310 2433

Passcode: 177223

For more information, contact Farren Clark at [email protected].