Opinion: Movies That Deserved a Sequel


Image ©️ Binge Central

Have you ever finished a movie and couldn’t wait to watch the sequel only to find out that a sequel was never made, even though it totally deserved one? Well, I have, and today I’m going to discuss some movies that definitely deserved a sequel. 

1.     The Goonies 

The Goonies was a very popular movie that was released in 1985; it has a huge fan base that continues to grow. The movie was jam-packed with action, comedy, adventure and friendship. It followed a group of friends looking for a lost treasure that has never been discovered. The film definitely deserved a sequel that showed what happened to each character after they found the treasure at the end of the movie. A sequel for the movie was discussed at some point; however, it was never brought to light. The closest thing to a sequel that fans were able to get was a video game that continued with the story.

  1.     Sky High 

Sky High was a Disney original movie that followed a group of friends as they navigated through a school for kids with superpowers. The gang of friends was formed when each of the characters was labeled as a sidekick since none of them had useful powers. It wasn’t until the end of the movie that they discovered no matter what power they had they deserved to be called heroes. A sequel to the film would’ve been great in order to show what happened with the gang once they grew up. Did Will and Layla stay together, or did they break up? Did the evil villain escape and try to take over again? It’s sad to know that we will never get an answer to these questions. 

  1.     Elf

We all know the film Elf as a holiday classic, but did you know that a sequel was actually planned? Will Ferrell was offered $29 million to reprise his role as Buddy the elf, but he turned it down as he didn’t want to face criticism if it was done wrong. 

  1.     Forrest Gump 

A sequel to Forrest Gump was actually in the works back in the 2000s. It would have followed Gump as he meddled with iconic events throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The film was never made because Tom Hanks himself said it would be just repeating the first film. I think this was personally a good call; Forest Gump had done almost everything in the first film and the movie concluded with him having his own happy ending. 

  1.     E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 

I had to include this one on here because I’m a huge fan of the movie and I always wondered why they never made a sequel to the first film. They could have made a sequel of E.T. coming back to earth or they could have flipped the script and have the kids be taken to space. I mean, if E.T. lived on a planet out there, I’m sure there were other creatures that could have been introduced too. They planned a sequel that was going to be called “E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears.” However, it did not come through since the original idea was to include carnivorous aliens and this would have robbed the first film of its innocence.