Ways college students can prepare for a storm


I don’t understand. I can watch back to back horror movies in my house, by myself and never feel frightened. I love good scary movies and rarely get scared of them. However, put me in a spot where there’s bad weather and I’ll become the biggest chicken you’ve ever seen. 

Yes! I am just as confused as you. I hear the slightest sound of thunder and if you’re sitting next to me, sorry but I’ll now be in your lap. It’s complicated to explain why I am so terrified of it, but I have always been scared of bad weather ever since I was a little girl. 

My anxiety is through the roof knowing that there isn’t one, but two hurricanes on the way. No matter how severe the weather may get, it is important to take all precautions and simply be prepared because you never know what could happen or change. 

That is why I put together this short list of easy ways a college student can physically prepare for a hurricane or any bad weather that may be thrown our way. 

1. Make sure your electronics are charged.

Charge your phone, laptop, Ipad or anything that allows you to have communication. If you keep them on charge with a full percentage before the power goes out, you are prepared to call someone in case of a bigger emergency.

2. Do whatever class assignments you have ahead of time.

Even though all classes are canceled this week, it would be within the best interest to do your assignments before the due date. Do this in case of power outages or something happening. You’ll be ahead of the game and won’t have to worry about getting it done after the storm.

3. College students, keep your parents or guardians informed.

If you live on campus or in an apartment, call your parents and keep them updated. If there is an emergency, they will more than likely know exactly what to do.

4. Keep a flashlight and batteries by you.  

Pretty sure there is a time when everyone is scared of the dark. If the lights go out, you’ll want a flashlight by you to be able to see what you are doing. You’ll want to buy some extra batteries in case the flashlights need them or if some other technology might need them. 

5. Have an evacuation plan.
We all go to Nicholls, therefore we are no strangers to flooding. If you live on campus, it’s best to have some sort of evacuation plan. Call your parents, look at what roads are open and what’s flooded. Just make sure you are paying attention and driving carefully. 

6. Fill your car up with gas.
Once again if you live on campus and you are far away from home, make sure your car is filled with gas. If you have to evacuate, you never know what traffic or problems you could run into on the way home. 

7. Stock up on groceries.
You never know how long power could be out for and you never know how long it could be until you can get to a store. Make sure you are stocked on food, snacks and water. (I will definitely be stocking up on junk food) 

8. Stay connected with the news.
Find a way or a source to keep you updated with the weather. Losing electricity or having no internet connection can get in the way of listening to the news. Be on the lookout for weather alerts anywhere you can get them. 

9. Talk to a friend, family or loved one.
More than likely, your friends and family feel the same way about situations as you do. Check in on your people. Make sure they are safe and healthy. 

10. Continue to practice social distancing.

Not only are we in the midst of two hurricanes, but we are also still in the middle of a pandemic. What a great year 2020 has been! (NOT) If you go out to get your groceries, flashlights, batteries or anything on this list, try to wear a mask and stay six feet apart from one another. We want to get back to normal, especially after being stuck in the house again for a hurricane. 

These are the easiest ways I like to prepare for bad weather. I am not looking forward to what the rest of this week may bring, but we will get through it. I’ll probably be hiding under my bed with a bunch of blankets, my laptop on charge and be watching a scary movie through it all. 

If the lights go out or if I hear thunder, I will probably be my dramatic self and freak out. That’s just me. Good luck Colonels. Stay safe and healthy!