Nicholls fraternities’ turnout for 2020 rush week


Photo by Jade Williams

With the reopening of campus this semester, rush week has been highly anticipated by many students. In turn, this year’s outcome has sparked additional interest. 

Word spread around campus that it was particularly disappointing this year, especially in terms of the university’s fraternity groups. It was reported that they had experienced less success in recruitment, than they had in the previous year. 

Greek Life Coordinator David Ford addressed these claims with the idea that they already were not expecting much from this semester, especially with the looming issue of Covid-19. Furthermore, he described an alternative, informal route of recruitment decided upon by the Interfraternity Council chapters.

“They felt like it would be a little easier to maneuver, rather than having that fully virtual structured formal recruit,” Ford said. 

David said that this informal type of recruitment is fairly similar to how the chapters practice things in the Spring. 

An example from Ford includes: if two males were to be in the same class, and one of them is in a fraternity, if the two become friends, the other male can receive a bid. 

“In terms of what people expected for the Fall, I think it’s really ‘expect the unexpected’ at this point, because we really didn’t know what we’d be allowed to do, and what we would be capable of, due to the Covid guidelines and restrictions placed on us,” Ford said. 

Additionally, Ford stated that specific numbers could not be detected with this informal route of recruitment. As men did not have to sign up for recruitment, keeping track was merely impossible. 

“There really isn’t even any structure for events that were required, or any interest in men who were interested in Greek or fraternity life. Really, it was partially up to the chapter, as well as the fraternity men who formed these relationships on their own,” Ford said. 

Ford did mention the incorporation of several virtual events for the chapters, where men who were interested would have an opportunity for a type of “meet and greet” with the chapters. However, he stated that these events were not required for a man to receive a bid. 

Re-stressing the informal route of recruitment, Ford suggested that the only true way to gain an idea on numbers would be to wait and see how many bids are extended after these virtual events are held.

“But, really we are giving the fraternities all semester to extend it. So, in terms of numbers, I really don’t have anything to compare, because we didn’t really have any formal type of sign-up process,” David said.

President of Kappa Alpha Order Nichollas Marchive added to this by stating that there was a notable difference in participation. This year, there was definitely a decrease. As for participation, he ensured that his KA brothers have put more effort into this semester than any other. 

Marchive mentioned that Zoom was not hard to use, but it was just awkward small talk with small faces on a screen. Ergo, the personal connection was a lot harder to maintain this way. 

Marchive also stated that the cancellation of tailgating and many other events on campus probably heavily contributed to the fact that less guys rushed. 

Still, even with the hard adjustments to this semester and Greek life, he said that his guys are very excited for the semester. Furthermore, he stated that it’s a time for them to focus on the structure and organization of the fraternities.