Staying online and healthy


As we swim through the ocean of transitioning into an online world that this pandemic has rapidly thrown us into, it becomes harder and harder to maintain our mental health while being in front of a screen for large amounts of time.  

As human beings, especially young adults, we are used to being outside, mingling with other students and being active most of the time. Even though we are “connected” through our phones on a regular basis, transitioning from an in-person classroom to a hybrid environment where we will be doing most of our usual activities online will eventually become exhausting and have a larger impact on our mental health. So let me share with you some tips that might help maintain a peaceful mind and a healthy active body.
1. Exercise Regularly
Most people think of exercising and immediately shift to the idea that they have to go to the gym. However, with so many restrictions in place, it can be stressful to enjoy such things. During the pandemic, social media platforms have been overflowing with innovative ways to workout at home. All it takes is one click to find multiple sources that are providing free routines and workout tips. Youtube is the greatest platform to do so and Instagram offers a huge amount as well. You can find anything from 30 minute quick workouts to hour long routines. Exercising regularly allows the brain to breathe and aids in improving your overall mood.

Some of my favorite Youtube channels for workouts are: Emily Rickettz, Yoga With Adriene, Shona Vertue, Alo Yoga and Alexia Clark.
2. Meditate
Meditation is the practice of focusing on a single thing for a few minutes a day. It can be anything from your breathing, a part of your body or a single object. The idea is that you maintain focus for a determined amount of time in order to be able to connect with yourself. Mindful meditation is one that I have found to be one of the most comfortable to do. I like to begin my mornings with five to ten minutes just sitting on my bed with my back against the wall concentrating on my breath and directing my energy toward positivity. It helps a lot to begin the day grounded with a clear head ready to take in anything that might be headed our way. Some of my favorite apps to try for meditation are: Calm and The Mindfulness app.
3. Stay Hydrated
Water is highly beneficial to many of the body’s functions. While most people often feel like they drink enough water, they are most likely dehydrated. The amount of water that you need is different for everyone. It all depends on your weight and height. A great way to know the exact amount of water is searching for a water intake calculator. Always make sure you keep a bottle of water with you so that you can constantly drink small sips throughout the day.

Some apps that help to set up water reminders are: Plant Nanny, Daily Water Tracker and iHydrate.
4. Check-in Regularly with friends and family
While being locked in and constantly connected to our computers, it is of extreme importance to maintain communication with those we love and cherish. Even though there are small activities available for us to interact, Zoom and facetime are great options to call and have a chat with someone. Friday nights, birthdays and hangouts have migrated online but that doesn’t have to take the fun out of it!

There are also many options for games that can be played online with friends such as Monopoly, UNO and Cards Against Humanity.

 5. Stand up and stretch
Staying active throughout the day is probably one of the most important things while staying connected through the day. After long hours in a chair, working and constantly looking at a screen, your body will thank you for some kind of movement. Reach for the sky, touch your toes, crack your back and walk.