Zac Efron’s Down to Earth



Zac Efron’s new show Down to Earth takes you on a journey around the world exploring many countries like Iceland, France, Costa Rica and many more.

Wellness expert Darin Olien accompanies Zac as they explore many renewable energy resources, as well as sustainable living environments within each country.

What’s unique about this show is that as Zac and Olien travel the world you are also getting an in-depth view of how countries do things compared to others. You are also given more knowledge about a specific country and gain an understanding of their culture.

The show isn’t just about the environmental factors of the trip, but it also shows Zac having fun as he visits some tourist attractions.

Many people know Zac Efron from his more popular roles which were in High School Musical and Baywatch, along with other widely known movies. On the other hand, as for Darin Olien, many viewers may not know exactly who he is.

Olien is a podcast host and an author of a wellness book titled Superlife, which Zac briefly mentions in the first episode of the show. Olien is also a vegan, which Zac states on multiple occasions throughout their journey. The dynamic duo works well together because they feed off of each other’s energy. They also give you a clear understanding of what they are talking about without it being too scientific.

An interesting fact some people may not know is that while filming the series, Zac Efron had a near-death experience after catching a deadly infection in Papua, New Guinea. Due to the infection, he was flown to Brisbane, Australia for medical treatments. He quickly recovered and flew back home to his friends and family.

Zac’s new show is fun to watch as you get to travel the world from your couch and explore many countries and cultures along the way. The show may not get renewed for a second season as it was a mini-series; however, that could change as the show has gained many viewers who want more episodes.