SPA will host online campus events in response to COVID-19


Quickly following Nicholls President Jay Clune’s decision to move entirely online to combat the spread of the coronavirus, questions arose regarding the state and financial details of future campus events. 

Including the university staple Crawfish Day, formerly upcoming events have all been subject to cancelation. The Student Programming Association is working to virtually maintain student engagement in spite of the coronavirus crisis, according to Carly Clark, the student activities coordinator and adviser of SPA.

“SPA is transitioning to virtual activities such as online trivia, special Instagram posts and a virtual spirit week,” Clark said. 

In addition to adjusting to online schooling, SPA members are adapting to online programming as they continually work to arrange online events for the university body. 

Voicing their concerns about tuition payments and refunds, students are demanding insight into the allocation of university funding, given the inability to access student resources or events.

Event planning is no exception to these concerns, but Carly Clark said SPA plans to perpetuate the best interest of the student body by rolling funds over to the fall semester. 

“With SPA having to reschedule events, there is the possibility that excess funds will be allocated to hosting larger events as based on the needs and interests of the students,” Clark said.

In this time of crisis, Nicholls administration is working hard to keep the students, faculty, staff, and community as informed as possible throughout the process, Clark said. Although they’re typically familiar with hosting numerous on-campus events, SPA’s efforts have turned to virtual event planning.