Little Things: My favorite sneakers


Photo by Robbie Trosclair

College is exhausting. Sometimes, it’s the little things you do that totally make up for a terrible day. My little thing may be beaten and dirty, but they are also so worn in that they fit like a glove. This dumb pair of shoes never fails to make me smile.

The pair I’m talking about is the Air Max 1 OG “Aquas.” They were originally released in 1988. They were released again in 2018, and that is when I grabbed a pair. 

On first glance, it’s a very pretty shoe, as it is a very subtle white and light grey on top with a contrasting aqua blue in the middle. The top lace hole, the Nike logo and the inside of the shoe are also accented in grape for a nice touch of color.

The shoe consists almost entirely of suede, with a mesh design over the toes. Even though the shoe is suede and white, it still looks great after two years of wear and tear. I’ve worn mine multiple times a week since buying, and the white still stands out.

These shoes are the only shoes I have right now that fit true to size. I’m a size 9, and it’s like they were made for my feet. They fit snugly on my feet, as well, never rubbing against them so much that they start to irritate me. For other wearers, you may find a little extra room in the toe box, but the shoe fits so well everywhere else, you don’t even notice.

They retailed for $140, and the average resale price on GOAT and StockX right now is $150. In my opinion, it’s a great deal, as most shoes don’t ever stay anywhere close to the retail price.

It’s silly to like a shoe so much, I know, but, when you like something, you really like something. I’ve noticed everything about this shoe because it’s actually gotten me through some tough days. Putting on a comfortable pair of shoes that I love that also go with any outfit makes for an amazing way to make myself happy during a stressful week. 

These shoes are an amazing addition to my college uniform. I recommend anyone and everyone get a pair. I do a lot of walking on Nicholls campus, but when I’m walking on air, I enjoy the trip.

If it isn’t shoes, what do you do to help relieve stress during a bad week? Do you put on a favorite hoodie or sweatpants? Maybe you ride a bike or listen to music. If you don’t have anything to help you tackle college life, I implore you to find something. It makes college that much easier.