The Friends reunion is finally happening


Image © Getty Images

Okay, guys, it’s actually happening. After the long-awaited 25 years since the sitcom of all sitcoms aired for the last time, Friends is back for an hour-long special.

On Instagram on Feb. 21, each of the six “friends” posted the same iconic, old-school photo of the friends in the yellow convertible with the caption, “It’s happening,” and tagged HBO Max. Star Matt Leblanc posted a photo of the gang from the 1970s series, M*A*S*H*, instead. To his credit, this was in character with Joey Tribbiani, who does things his own way. Comments from former co-stars Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow on the Instagram post assured wondering fans that the picture Leblanc posted was not agreed on, as it was the wrong reunion, but still funny. Each of the Instagram posts, however, did tag HBO Max with HBO Max itself posting that the reunion special is set to be released in May.  

Although I would love the opportunity to tune in weekly to the beloved cast of Friends, I am content with the one-time reunion special. Technically, it is everything all of the die-hard fans out there need, as it is one more get together, surrounded by purple walls and plenty of food, enjoying the wit, the laughter and the genuine connections the 1990s sitcom is still known for among fans today.

The question is, what are we in store for? What is the best-case scenario, and what are we hoping for? After an intense research session, there seems to be no spoilers, yet. The only thing that might be somewhat true is the mention of an unscripted program, which could either be chaos or genius. We will see. Still, as much love as I have for the six friends, the writers are what kept the series alive for so long. 

Here are my top predictions/scenarios I would, in fact, be okay with.  In no particular order, here it goes. 

1.“The one where Emma wakes up from her nap in the year 2020.” Cause, duh. They even had the whole social media thing for New Year when the actress that played baby Emma posted the returning jokes. 

2.“The one where Thanksgiving happens again.” One last giant thanksgiving meal, where we are caught up on everything that has been happening in the friends’ lives, would really just bring us full circle. 

3.“The one with a look at the Bing twins’ lives.” Everyone comes weaving in and out of the plot-line of the episode, telling their own stories over the years, somehow each telling their story that way. 

4.“The one with a GIANT montage of the last 16 years.” Done flashback style, with lots of laughs and tears (like you thought there wouldn’t be tears).

5.“The one with different perspectives.” Let’s watch the same scenes play out through the viewpoint of each of the five characters. 

6.Finally, and most importantly, “the one where they all come back.” At this point, as long as I am happily getting ready to watch the special in May, with my Central Perk mug and “How Ya Doin” t-shirt on, it’ll all be alright.